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Can you name the Can you name the members of X-Force (one of the X-Men spin-off teams)?

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Era JoinedCharacterReal Name
OriginalTabitha Smith
OriginalNathan Summers
OriginalSamuel Guthrie
OriginalVanessa Carlysle
OriginalMaria Callasantos
OriginalBenjamin Russell
OriginalJames Proudstar
1990's RecruitsJesse Aaronson
1990's RecruitsUnknown
1990's RecruitsNeena Thurman
1990's RecruitsDanielle Moonstar
1990's Recruitsself/British Secret Service Agent
1990's RecruitsJulio Esteban Richter
1990's RecruitsTheresa Cassidy
1990's RecruitsRoberto da Costa
X-Force AlliesAdam Neremani
Era JoinedCharacterReal Name
X-Force Alliesself/female mutant teleporter
X-Force AlliesGloria Dolores Munoz
X-Force AlliesLucia Callasantos
2007 RelaunchJoshua Foley
2007 RelaunchUnpronounceable
2007 RelaunchTelford Porter
2007 RelaunchRahne Sinclair
2007 RelaunchLaura Kinney
X-Men Second ComingDouglas Ramsey
Uncanny X-ForceWarren Worthington III
Uncanny X-Force Wade Wilson
Uncanny X-Forcebiological spacecraft
Uncanny X-ForceJean-Phillipe/Charlie-Cluster 7
Uncanny X-ForceElizabeth Braddock
Uncanny X-ForceJames 'Logan' Howlett

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