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Trenched coated Peter Falk1971-2003
D. A. Jack McCoy - Sam Waterson1990-2010
Just the facts - Jack Webb1951-1959
Sheriff Matt Dillon - James Arness1955-1975
Ponch, Jon & cops on motorcycles1977-1983
Unsubs galore: FBI Behaviorial Analysis Unit helps police depts solve crimes2005-NOW
Caruso, Franz, Smits & Schroder1993-2005
L.A.P.D. where cops break rules - Michael Chiklis2002-2008
Hal Linden and Abe Vigoda 1974-1982
Let's be careful out there!1981-1987
United States Marshalls - WITSEC2008-NOW
NYPD Beckett and a mystery writer2009-NOW
Ushered in the white suit & t-shirt: Johnson and Thomas1984-1989
California Bureau of Investigation and a 'psychic'?2008-NOW
Philadelphia PD and old cases2003-2008
Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless1982-1988
San Francisco detective with some phobia issues.2002-2009
Naval Criminal Investigative Service2003-NOW
Barney & Andy in Mayberry1960-1968
Seeley & Temperance = FBI & forensic anthropologist2005-NOW
Satirical look at COPS; unscripted show (cop in hot pants).2003-2009
Raw look at LA cops - moved from NBC to TNT2009-NOW
NYPD police and fire departments.1999-2005
FBI and missing persons = Jack, Sam, Viv, Danny & Martin2002-2009
Chuck Norris1993-2001
The truth is out there. Mulder & Scully1993-2002
Unorthodoxed plainsclothes cop - Robert Blake1975-1978
Malloy & Reed = typical day on the job for LAPD.1968-1975
William Shatner1982-1985
Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson - thank yeeew!2005-NOW

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