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Can you name the character (last name) from TNT series 'The Closer.'?

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HintCharacter's Last NameReal Name
Once found a dead body in his garage, but decided to go to the game anyway. P. S. Don't sit on his desk.G. W. Bailey
Closest aide and one time favorite dectective.Corey Reynolds
Played Dr. Emil Skoda for 10 years on Law and Order.J. K. Simmons
Internal Affairs (Force Investigation Division) Captain that frequently gives Brenda fashion advice, silly pep talks and has a really hard time being nice.Mary McConnell
Former C.I.A. investigator turned L.A. Police Captain who constantly says 'Thank yeeeww!' and 'Oh, for heaven sakes.'Kyra Sedgwick
Robbery-Homicide Commander who often serves as Brenda's press liaison.Robert Gossett
Wise cracking detective; called in a fake bomb threat to save his partner's job.Tony Dennison
Gives explanations that are sometimes too long, but is the go-to gadget guy.Michael Paul Chan
Took a bullet for Provenza; lost his brother to gang violence.Raymond Cruz
A former alcoholic and member of A.A., he is also the FBI presence.Jon Tenney
Videographer for the unit and electronic room tech.Phillip Kean

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