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DefinitionWordLetter Hint
Describes plants and animals that live and grow only where there is oxygen.A
The science of living things.B
An animal that eats the flesh of other animals.C
An English scientist famous for his theory of evolution.D
The temporary blotting out of the light of a heavenly body.E
The force that tends to stop objects from sliding.F
A hard, rough-grained, igneous rock that is gray, white, or pink.G
A very light, colorless, odorless gas.H
A quantity or distance that has no limits, boundaries, or end.I
The period in geological history from 205 to 138 million years ago.J
A prefix in the metric system that means one thousand.K
A sugar found in milk.L
An Italian inventor who perfected the wireless telegraph.M
DefinitionWordLetter Hint
A cloud of gas and dust in space.N
An American physicist who led the team responsible for the first atom bomb.O
A plant that lives more than two years.P
A very tiny particle believed to be the building block for protons, neutrons, etc.Q
A force that pushes objects apart.R
The dog star.S
A possible explanation.T
Everything that exists anywhere in space.U
The time in the spring when day and night are the same length all over Earth.V
A unit of power.W
An invisible electromagnetic ray of very high frequency that can pass through many materials.X
A tiny fungus that is used in making bread, beer, and wine.Y
The starting point or neutral point for most scales of measurement.Z

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