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A person who makes maps is a _____.
The picture on a map that shows the 4 Cardinal directions and the 4 intermediate directions is called a
The relationship between actual distance and distance shown on a map is show by the ______.
Imaginary lines, or meridians, that run N and S.
Ninety degrees north latitude is the
A map that uses color, national and state boundaries and cities is a _______ map.
The Earth is divided into _____ hemispheres.
The thing that divides the Earth into N and S hemispheres is the
The meridian, 0 degrees longitude, that runs through the N and S poles is known as
Two continents that are located entirely with the S Hemisphere are: (a) Africa & South America; (b) Australia and S. America; (c) Africa & Antarctica; (d) Australia & Antarctica
Contour lines on a map show ______
The metric scale used to measure temperature.
A map that show landforms and elevation is a ____ map.
The symbols on a map are explained in the map's _____.
An imaginary N to S line at about 180 degrees

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