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SummaryMovie Title
Oh, my man, I love him so/Omar Shariff
Back where you belong/Walter Matthau
Semi-literate prostitute and a nerd try a romantic relationship; broadway adaptation/Kevin Kline & George Segal
Remake of 1937 & 1954 films, a declining superstar meets and marries a young singer on her way up/Evergreen/Kristoffersen
A young woman disguises herself to receive an education. Gender-bending love/Mandy Patinkin
A troubled patient begins therapy only to end up in an affair with his psychiatrist/Nick Nolte
Tired of sexual politics inside relationships, a male professor finds a dowdy colleague the perfect match/Jeff Bridges
SummaryMovie Title
A high-priced escort is accused of murder. Courtroom drama/Richard Dreyfuss
Daisy hears phones ring before they do. Her doctor falls for 'one' of her personalities/Yves Montand
A couple jump in their kevlar lined RV to go meet their daughter's in-law opposites/Stiller/De Niro/Hoffman/Danner
After being wiped out by her accountant, a woman goads the only thing she still owns into a boxing comeback/Ryan O'Neal
Copying a 1930's screwball comedy, a charming flake entices an engaged scientist into one adventure after another/Ryan O'Neal & Madeline Kahn
A love story about sociopolitical opposites. She is an activist he is . . . well, Robert Redford

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