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QUIZ: Can you name the missing word from the cliche that begins with an 'A'?

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ClichesMissing WordHint
According to ______following the rules
_____ up his sleevea surprise, a hidden weapon
_______ heelone weak spot
________ the boardencompassing everyone and everything
Actions _____ louder than wordswhat you do is more important than what you say
Add _______ to injuryhit someone when he is down
_____ and alacksadly; too bad
_______ around the necka burden
All _____awkward at physical tasks
All _____wrong
ClichesMissing WordHint
And I don't mean ______do what I say - I'm not kidding
Any ____ in the stormany refuge
______ to the teethexcessively equipped with weapons
At his __________readily available
Avoid like the _______shun
______ howthat's for sure
As every _______ knowselementary
At ________unable to agree
As the _____ fliesin a direct line

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