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Can you name the first word and then change the letters in that word to make an additional two words?

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Any nonhuman animal; if human - cruel & filthy.Core Word
To moisten cooking meat with liquid drippings.Rearranged Letters
To strike violently.Rearranged Letters
A spot not easily removed.Core Word
A fabric having a smooth glossy appearance.Rearranged Letters
A person of great holiness.Rearranged Letters
To utter aloud or render in speech the printed word.Core Word
More than one beloved friend.Rearranged Letters
To have the boldness to try.Rearranged Letters
CluesAnswerWord Status
Available resources; considerable financial riches.Core Word
More than one expression of prayer agreements.Rearranged Letters
An international fellowship of high I.Q.'s.Rearranged Letters
A line composed of strands twisted together of braided wire, flax or other matieral.Core Word
Someone who pretends to belong to a group.Rearranged Letters
The ordinary form of the spoken or written word.Rearranged Letters
A profoundly tender feeling for another.Core Word
To find the answer or explanation.Rearranged Letters
Tiny mouselike rodents.Rearranged Letters

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