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Lady of Lorien
Last King of Gondor
King of Men during Last Alliance
Leader of Elves during Last Alliance
Dark Lord of Mordor
Grey Wizard 'Mithrandir'
White Wizard of Orthanc
A Hobbit - The Ring Bearer
Owner of Bag End
Bag End's Gardener
Lord of Rivendell
Daughter of Elrond
Elf Prince of Mirkwood
Dwarf, son of Gloin
Isildur's Heir
Steward of Gondor
Captain of Gondor, killed at Amon Hen
Captain of Gondor, Ithilien Ranger
King of Rohan
2nd Marshall of Rohan
3rd Marshall of Rohan
Niece of the King of Rohan
King of Rohan's Servant
Captain of Uruk-Hai at Amon Hen
Captain of Isengard Warg Riders
Ent who finds Merry and Pippin
Galadrim Captain
Saruman's Servant in Rohan
Hobbit - Guard of the Citadel
Hobbit - Esquire of Rohan
The Greatest of the Nine Nazgul
Captain of Morgul Orcs
Spider - Last Decendant of Ungoliant
Sauron's Leutenant
One of the River-folk - cursed by the ring

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