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Forced Order
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National Founding Date
Inaugural Chapter University
Founding Father #1
Founding Father #2
Founding Father #3
Founding Father #4
Founding Father #5
Founding Father #6
Founding Father #7
Founding Father #8
Founding Father #9
Founding Father #10
Founding Father #11
Founding Father #12
Cardinal Principles
Oregon Alpha Founding Date
When OSU was called...
OA Buch Cup Number
More than any other chapter 
House alcohol status (FIPG)
OA Roll Call Number
Ideal #1
Ideal #2
Ideal #3
Ideal #4
Ideal #5
Ideal #6
Ideal #7
Ideal #8
OA Chapter Founder
Dean of Students 
Most Famous Quote
When was the current OA Chapter house built?
For only $27,000 
Atribute 1
Atribute 2
Atribute 3
Atribute 4
Atribute 5
Atribute 6
SigEp Leadership Continuum Step 1
SigEp Leadership Continuum Step 2
SigEp Leadership Continuum Step 3
SigEp Leadership Continuum Step 4
First Fraternity to charter in all 50 states
First Fraternity to partner with the White House's National Drug Control Policy
First Fraternity to receive a grant from the Department of Education
Official SPE National Philanthropy
SPE Mission Statement
Official Flower #1
Official Flower #2
National Symbol
Approximate Number of Lifetime Brothers
Fraternity Colors
Famous Alumnus: Notable Children's Author; Cat in the Hat
Dartmouth College 
Famous Alumnus: Television Series Roseanne, Monsters Inc., Argo, The Big Lebowski
Missouri State University 
Famous Alumnus: US General WWII Battle of the Bulge; 101st airborne commander; portrayed in 'Band of Brothers' HBO series: 'Nuts'
West Virginia University 
Famous Alumnus: Inventor of the Sport of Basketball
University of Kansas 
Famous Alumnus: 1938 Heisman Winner; Namesake of NCAA quarterback Award
Texas Christian University 

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