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Forced Order
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Aspects of Clear Language Usage:Avoid big words where smaller one will do, use words that refer to a tangible concept, avoid clutter
Aspects that generate imagery
The last word or set of words is repeated at the end of successive sentencesRhythm
Representing inanimate object with human qualitiesRhythm
the first word or set of words are repeated at the beginning of a sentenceRhythm
The similar arrangement of a pair of related words, phrases, or sentences Other LIterary Devices
Reiteration of the same word or set of words at the beginning or end of successive clausesOther literary devices
repetition of the initial consonant sound of close or adjoining wordsOther Literary Devices
The juxtaposition of contrasting ideas, usually in parallel structureOther Literary Devices; i.e. ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country
Creates a welcoming atmosphere, enhances speak credibility, 2-3 minutesAdapted for occasion, speaker, audience
Summary of why the award was won, may need to discuss what the award is and acknowledge the losers4-5 minutes
Brevity, humility, and graciousnessgives thanks for a gift or award
Express feelings, stir sediments, parallelismfocus on inspiring the audience; don't over praise the peron, don't be long winded, don't talk about yourself, don't over praise the person
The literal definition of a word or phraseMeanings of words
The meaning of suggested by the associations or emotions triggered by a word or phrase. (more variable/ figurative)Meanings of words
T/F Language is neutral
helps create our sense of reality by giving meaning to events
An error in reasoning
A fallacy that introduces an irrelevant issue to divert the attention from the subject under dicussionlogical fallacy
A fallacy that attacks the person rather than dealing with the real issue in questionlogical fallacy
A fallacy that forces listeners to choose between two alternatives when more than two alternatives existLF
A fallacy that assumes because something is popular it is therefor correct and desireableLF
A fallacy that assumes that taking a first step will lead to subsequent steps that cannot be preventsLF
Reasoning that seeks to establish the relationship between cause and effects
reasoning that moves from specific facts to general conclusions
Reasoning that moves from general conclusions to specific facts
Psychological, safety, social, self esteem, and self actualization
Use of language/ dimensions of emotional responsevivid examples, appeals to audiences emotions
Dynamism/ initial credibility (appearance, eye contact, approach)/ Aristotle's credibility Also terminal credibility; components: good character., commonsense, good will
Logical appeal of the speaker; comes from evidence and reasoning/ aristotle's name for logical appealstate case then prove it.
Proper ways to use evidence:
Enhancing credibility:
Factors of credibility:
credibility of speaker before he/she talkscan be destroyed
credibility of speaker produces by everything said during speech
credibility of speaker at the end of the speech
Monroe's motivated sequence
Levels of change in personal opinion
creating reinforcing and changing beliefs or actions
Grade you are getting on this final100%

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