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Date CountryNotes
980 B.C.Traditional Founding
February 11, 660 B.C.Celebrated as National Foundation Day
c. 553 B.C.Unification
c. 221 B.C.Unification
September 3, 309Traditional Founding
c. 681Recognition by Byzantine Empire
c. 872Unification
c. 843Created by Treaty of Verdun
c. 958Consolidation
July 26, 1139Independence from Kingdom of Leon
c. 1238Expulsion of Burmese
January 21, 1479Union of Castile and Aragon
c. 1480Independence from Golden Horde
June 6, 1523Secedes from Kalmar Union
January 30, 1648Independence from Spain
January 26, 1650Expulsion of Portuguese
May 1, 1707Unification
December 21, 1768Unification
July 4, 1776Independence from United Kingdom
January 1, 1804Independence from France
c. 1804Remnant of Holy Roman Empire
July 10, 1810Independence from Spain
September 16, 1810Independence from Spain
May 14, 1811Independence from Spain
July 5, 1811Independence from Spain
c. 1813Reversal of Annexation by France
October 19, 1813Dissolution of Confederation of the Rhine
June 19, 1815Separates from Netherlands
August 7, 1815Foundation
July 9, 1816Independence from Spain
February 12, 1818Independence from Spain
March 25, 1821Independence from Ottoman Empire
July 28, 1821Independence from Spain
September 7, 1822Independence from Portugal
August 6, 1825Independence from Spain
August 25, 1825Independence from Brazil
May 13, 1830Dissolution of Gran Colombia
October 4, 1830Independence from Netherlands
October 26, 1838Independence from Federal Republic of Central America
November 5, 1838Independence from Federal Republic of Central America
April 17, 1839Independence from Federal Republic of Central America
February 2, 1841Independence from Federal Republic of Central America
March 21, 1847Independence from Federal Republic of Central America
July 26, 1847Independence from United States
April 14, 1849Independence from Habsburg Empire
c. 1861Independence from Kingdom of Sardinia
March 17, 1861Unification
March 3, 1865Independence from Spain
July 1, 1867Dominion under UK established
October 10, 1868Independence from Spain
January 18, 1871Unification
May 21, 1877Independence from Ottoman Empire
c. 1885United by Treaty of Sinchula
June 12, 1898Independence from Spain
January 1, 1901Dominion under UK established
November 3, 1903Separation from Colombia
September 26, 1907Dominion under UK established
May 31, 1910Union of Cape, Natal, Transvaal and Orange River
December 29, 1911Independence from China
November 28, 1912Independence from Ottoman Empire
April 26, 1916Independence from United Kingdom
December 6, 1917Independence from Russia
November 11, 1918Independence from Russia and Germany
August 20, 1919Independence from United Kingdom
June 24, 1923Successor to Ottoman Empire
Date CountryNotes
June 7, 1929Declared independent by Lateran Treaty
September 23, 1932Unification
October 23, 1932Independence from United Kingdom
November 26, 1941Independence from France
June 17, 1944Separates from Denmark
August 17, 1945Independence from Netherlands
September 2, 1945Independence from France
May 25, 1946End of British Mandate for Palestine
August 14, 1947Independence from United Kingdom
August 15, 1947Independence from United Kingdom
January 4, 1948Independence from United Kingdom
May 14, 1948Independence from British Mandate for Palestine
August 15, 1948Division of Korea
September 9, 1948Division of Korea
July 19, 1949Independence from France
December 7, 1949Government flees, re-establishes here
December 24, 1951Independence from United Kingdom and France/UN Trusteeship
November 9, 1953Independence from France
January 1, 1956Independence from Egypt and United Kingdom
March 2, 1956Independence from France
March 20, 1956Independence from France
March 6, 1957Independence from United Kingdom
October 2, 1958Independence from France
January 1, 1960Independence from France
April 27, 1960Independence from France
June 26, 1960Independence from France
June 30, 1960Independence from Belgium
July 1, 1960Union of Somaliland and Italian Somaliland
August 1, 1960Independence from France
August 3, 1960Independence from France
August 5, 1960Independence from France
August 7, 1960Independence from France
August 11, 1960Independence from France
August 13, 1960Independence from France
August 15, 1960Independence from France
August 16, 1960Independence from United Kingdom
August 17, 1960Independence from France
August 20, 1960Independence from France
September 22, 1960Independence from France
October 1, 1960Independence from United Kingdom
November 28, 1960Independence from France
April 27, 1961Independence from United Kingdom
June 19, 1961Independence from United Kingdom
September 28, 1961Dissolution of United Arab Republic
September 28, 1961Dissolution of United Arab Republic
January 1, 1962Independence from New Zealand
July 1, 1962Independence from Belgium
July 1, 1962Independence from Belgium
July 3, 1962Independence from France
August 6, 1962Independence from United Kingdom
August 31, 1962Independence from United Kingdom
October 9, 1962Independence from United Kingdom
September 16, 1963Unification of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore
December 12, 1963Independence from United Kingdom
April 24, 1964Union of Zanzibar and Tanganyika
July 6, 1964Independence from United Kingdom
September 21, 1964Independence from United Kingdom
October 24, 1964Independence from United Kingdom
February 18, 1965Independence from United Kingdom
July 26, 1965Independence from United Kingdom
August 9, 1965Separation from Malaysia
May 26, 1966Independence from United Kingdom
September 30, 1966Independence from United Kingdom
October 4, 1966Independence from United Kingdom
November 30, 1966Independence from United Kingdom
Date CountryNotes
January 3, 1968Independence from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom/UN Trusteeship
March 12, 1968Independence from United Kingdom
September 6, 1968Independence from United Kingdom
October 12, 1968Independence from Spain
July 4, 1970Independence from United Kingdom
October 10, 1970Independence from United Kingdom
March 26, 1971Independence from Pakistan
August 15, 1971Independence from United Kingdom
September 3, 1971Independence from United Kingdom
December 2, 1971Independence from United Kingdom
May 22, 1972Independence from United Kingdom
July 10, 1973Independence from United Kingdom
September 24, 1973Independence from Portugal
February 7, 1974Independence from United Kingdom
June 25, 1975Independence from Portugal
July 5, 1975Independence from Portugal
July 6, 1975Independence from France
July 12, 1975Independence from Portugal
September 16, 1975Independence from Australia
November 11, 1975Independence from Portugal
November 25, 1975Independence from Netherlands
June 29, 1976Independence from United Kingdom
June 27, 1977Independence from France
July 7, 1978Independence from United Kingdom
October 1, 1978Independence from United Kingdom
November 3, 1978Independence from United Kingdom
February 22, 1979Independence from United Kingdom
July 12, 1979Independence from United Kingdom
October 27, 1979Independence from United Kingdom
April 18, 1980Independence from United Kingdom
July 30, 1980Independence from UK-French Condominium
September 21, 1981Independence from United Kingdom
November 1, 1981Independence from United Kingdom
September 19, 1983Independence from United Kingdom
January 1, 1984Independence from United Kingdom
October 21, 1986Independence from United States
November 3, 1986Independence from United States
March 11, 1990Independence from USSR
March 21, 1990Independence from South Africa
May 5, 1990Independence from USSR
May 22, 1990Unification
April 9, 1991Independence from USSR
June 25, 1991Independence from Yugoslavia
June 25, 1991Independence from Yugoslavia
August 20, 1991Independence from USSR
August 25, 1991Independence from USSR
August 25, 1991Independence from USSR
August 27, 1991Independence from USSR
August 31, 1991Independence from USSR
August 31, 1991Independence from USSR
September 8, 1991Independence from Yugoslavia
September 9, 1991Independence from USSR
September 21, 1991Independence from USSR
October 18, 1991Independence from USSR
October 27, 1991Independence from USSR
December 16, 1991Independence from USSR
March 5, 1992Independence from Yugoslavia
January 1, 1993Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
January 1, 1993Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
May 24, 1993Independence from Ethiopia
October 1, 1994Independence from United States/UN trusteeship
May 20, 2002Independence from Indonesia
June 3, 2006Independence from Serbia and Montenegro
June 8, 2006Dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro
February 17, 2008Independence from Serbia

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