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Rescued from Imperial Labor Camp, joins Rebellion and steals the Death Star plans
Rebel Captain who helped convince rebels to go on the mission to Scarif to steal the plans
Defected Imperial Pilot who carried an important message about the Death Star
Clone Wars veteran that taught the main character how to fight
Blind Warrior who strongly believed in the Force and is a Guardian of the Whills
Guardian of the Whills who protected the blind warrior
Reprogrammed Imperial Droid part of the Rebellion
Director of Imperial Military Weapons Research; helped to construct the Death Star
Main character's father that designed and built the Death Star
Main character's mother who is killed when she pulls her husband back from being taken by the Empire
Commander of Death Star who took control of the station from the Director
Leader/founder of the Rebel Alliance
Mon Calamari who commanded attack on Scarif
Darker variation of Stormtroopers who were usually with the Weapons Director; were not shown speaking Basic
Sith Lord who nearly recaptured Death Star plans in final scene

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