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biology is the study of
all living things need a constant supply of
the type of bond some elements make to become more stable when sharing electrons
when elements gain or lose electrons - forming cation (+) or anions (-) it is called this kind of bond
a neutral pH is
Water is a polar molecule becaus it shares electrons __________
One atom says to 2nd atom, 'i think i lost my electron', the second says are you sure? the first says ' yes, I'm _______'
the universal s_____________ is water
Chemical substances which are able to lower the amount of activation E of a reaction are
all organic compounds contain
white bears are soluable in water because they are
A biological catalyst is a(n)
ATP stands for
carbon forms how many covlent bonds?
What term refers to the unwinding of a protein's strucutre?
What type of bonds link amino acids?
what are some ways to denature an enzym?
a cell without a true nucleus or membrane bound organelles is
A large cell with a nucleus and organelles is
What is the diffusion of water called?
a man walks into a bar and orders H two O, his friend orders H two O too; he ______
what is the name of the enzyme that catalyzes hydrogen perioxide into water & oxygen
The maintenance of stable internal conditions in a cell or organism is called
What do all forms of passive transport depend on?
when a cell uses energy to move substances across the cell membrane it is called
what organelle is the 'powerhouse' of the cell
the site of protein synthesis
an organelle with digesting enzymes
the place of RNA synthesis
the molecule that conprises the cell membrane and other membranes in a cell
the phrase that refers to the lipid bilayer with imbedded proteins of the cell membrane
when a cell membrane engulfs a large molecule or even an entire bacterial cell is is called
the term for a white blood cell
the term for a red blood cell
the two molecules that are reactants in the photosynthesis equation plus light are
the products of photosynthesis are
the first part of photosynthesis that uses the water molecule and produces high energy molecules is called
electrons are excited in photosynthesis when they are hit by
which happens 1st photosystem I or photosystem II?
the protons in photosynthesis came from which molecule?
the name of the membranes in the choroplast where the light reactions occur
so a photon walks into a hotel and the bellhop says, may I take your luggage sir? the photon says 'no thanks, i'm traveling _____'
what is the name of the pigment which reflect green light and are found in chloroplasts?
the chemical pathway in living things that is the 'opposite' of photosynthesis is
Where does glycolysis occur?
what molecule ( 2 of them) is the product of gylcolysis
what cycle takes place in the mitocondria and produces ATP after glysolysis?
the reactants in the cellular respiration equation
extentions of the cytoplasm, refered to as 'false foot' is
the word lysis means to
what does anaerobic mean
having 2 copies of the chromosome in a cell
What is the diploid chromosome number in humans?
when the cell is not dividing, the DNA is loosely coiled and is referred to as
The name of the phase in the life a cell when it is not dividing
The time in the cell cycle when DNA is being synthesized is what phase?
The term for nuclear division in a cell that produces 2 clone daughter cells is
the term for the division of the cytoplasm
the fertilized egg is called a
Oogenesis is the production of 3 polar bodies and an
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