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Nina, _____, Manila, Chad/Phi Phi...
Season 1: Queens are asked to channel this African-American billionaire woman
This dairy queen dressed as Pinocchi-Ho
Because reading is what? ________
Team Latrila is Latrice Royale and _______
Bitch, she's from Chicago and she loves her 2 piece and a biscuit
Miss Congeniality of Season 6
To _____ one's face means to apply make-up amazingly
'My ______ is on fire, now kiss the flame'
True or False: During the double elimination, Honey Mahogany and Serena ChaCha sashayed away
The evil 'oil' Penny (Courtney Act) used in Shade: The Rusical
Alaska and Lineysha's doll who loves riding dirty and is a d*ckpig
The behind-the-scene/backstage episodes before elimination
Ginger Minj and Sasha Belle were conjoined at this body part
A father and a drag race champion
The game show where the queens impersonate celebs
If Chad is carrying Shannel, then _____ is carrying Alexis Mateo
Dethroned Alyssa Edwards
Michelle Visage hates the color ____
Chad Michael's well known Snatch Game character
Vivacious' 2nd face
Sexy hunks in briefs assisting RuPaul and racers
RuPaul's runway song (before introducing the judges)
_______ Vodka - Cocktail Perfected
_____ Airways - The Queens of the Sky
Michael Jackson's sister who was a guest judge
The only queen who got eliminated due to a violation
RuPaul Andre ______
Season 2 Main Judges: RuPaul, Santino and _______
'No T, No Shade, No Pink _____'

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