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For our mini challenge - you are asked to name the queens from Logo's RuPaul's Drag Race from seasons 1 - 7. May the best woman win!

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Forced Order
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HintYour answer, mawma
Laos, Fried Chicken, Black Velvet
Bologne!, Housekeeping, Roy Lady
Adam Lambert, 'Ay Dios Mio!', Nose Ring
P!nk, Chad Michaels, Carry On
'The struggle is real', Crystalized, Bitter Old Lady Brigade
Cover Girl, Cameroon!, Oprah Winfrey Realness
HIIIIEEE!, Lil' Poundcake, Red Perfume
Idol, 'Resting on Pretty', Chaz Bono
Spooky, Blood, Alaska Thunderfuck
'Don't rely on that body', Transgender, JLo
Heathers, Raja, Cher
'Loca!', DJ, Jorge
Chickens, Brand, 'How's your head?'
'Echa pa'lante', Dreadlocks, Puerto Rican
Jujubee, Britney Spears, 'Thank you.'
Malambo No. 5, Narcolepsy, 'Water off a duck's back'
Cold Hearted, Pageant Queen, Janet Jackson
'Chasse Away', 'OKCURRRR!', Death Drop
'Party!', Idol, Polish remover
Henny, Backswamp, Mo'Nique
HintYour answer, mawma
Crazy Coocoo C*nt, 'Absolutely.', Tilapia
Flazeda, 'Wake up', New York
Haus of Edwards, Box, Halleloo!
'Silence!', 'May I Call You Jiggly', Lady Bunny
'Come through!', Corset, 2 Crowns
Born This Way, Horticulture, Two Small Corsets
AAA girls, Boy is a Bottom, Shady Bearded Lady
Pageant Queen, Tongue Pop, Laganja Estranja
Manila Luzon, Pirouette, New York
Rolaskatox, DWV, Ke$ha
'Jesus is a biscuit', Miss Congeniality, Laugh
Barbie, Camp, Returning Queen
Androgyny, Indonesia, Drawja
Ice Queen, Psychological Woman, Lips
'Wah-wah!', Dial-up modem, Accessories
Brooke Hogan, Soviet Russia, Meatiest Tuck
'The help', 'Party city', Sashay Away Magazine
Hot Couture, Imelda Marcos, McArthur's Park
Hooker, Carol Channing, Susan Lucci
Filipino, Connie Chung, HIV and Me

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