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Saw his parents brutally murdered, he dedicated his life to stopping crimeDC
One of the last descendants of MarsDC
Taps into the Speed Force for his powerDC
His weakness glows greenDC
His ring does not like yellowDC
His shield is fashioned from indestructible alien materialMarvel
He made is own super powers using technologyMarvel
Think small...and smaller...and smallerDC
Caught in a space storm, he is a rockMarvel
He has a sixth sense and a tendency to stick to wallsMarvel
He has a vengeful biker view on thingsMarvel
She is as deadly as her namesake, a martial arts master, and beautifulMarvel
He sleeps with the fishesDC
Think Robin HoodDC
She's quite loud...loud enough to shatter windowsDC
From Thanagar, this bird has quite a punch...or maceDC
Also a speedster, but this one is a mutantMarvel
Metals say he is attractiveMarvel
He howls at night tooMarvel
I've heard of death stares, but this is ridiculousMarvel
Did that wheelchair guy just read my mind? Marvel
Like the Batman, but more optimistic DC
This martial arts master has a hard fistDC
This guy is flexibleDC
Think big and green and strong...then times it a thousandMarvel
She can make you tell the truth with rope...wonderfulDC
Careful, she has whips and claws...but give her cream, then she'll be okDC
She can fly and sting...all at a whopping 1 inchMarvel
Big Green's cousinMarvel
Blind, yet he still pwnsMarvel
He can drift through wallsMarvel
Big Blue's Kryptonian cousin, she's superDC
He's on fire...literally!Marvel
He has died, yet still lives...DC

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