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Can you name the Syracuse MT 2014 in Random References?

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loves to disco...
pretty much Regina Spektor
ugg boots/Greg Dassonville
an actual princess
Matt McGuire
...but should we have another 4LOKO?
the whitest black girl
hottest hot mess
the only girl you know with a garter belt
spicy surname
did not sleep.
the thin boy that david wanstreet SHOULD love
most likely to: buy a little orphan girl and raise her as her own
actually goes to Hogwarts MT 2014
can probably sing higher than you
will one day marry Bryan Cimmet
is late for the bus and underdressed for the weather
can't stop won't stop dying her hair pink
the original front row fiercie
texas ranger
the secret blonde
fashionista blondista (danny's idea)
plays the ukulele - who knew?
hates vocal scoops. can we please sing a clean version of Seasons of Love?

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