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click beetle, pronotum pointed going backwards
darkling beetle, notched eyes
tumbling flower beetle, hump back, abdomen pointed beyond elytra
leaf beetle, bilobed 3rd tarsal segment
sap beetle, clubbed antenna, 4-5 tarsi
stag beetle, huge mandibles
blister beetle, pronotum narrower than head
Rove beetle, short elytra
jewel beetle, mettallic
soldier beetle, soft elytra, head not concealed by pronotum
skin beetle, ovate body, devestate bug collections
lady bird, hemispherical shape
ground beetle, trochanter 'floating'
firefly, soft body, leathery elytra
net-winged beetles, serrate antenna
weevils, distinct long snouts
checkered beetles, checkered pattern
longhorn beetle, long antenna
carrion beetle, dorsoventrally flattened
brown lacewing
scarab beetle, apposable antenna
whirligig beetle, aquatic, eyes fully divided
water scavenger beetle, long spine underneath
flat bark beetle, pronotum longer than wide
hister beetle, shiny elytra, abdomen partially exposed
green lacewing

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