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At the Congress of Vienna, who was the champion of conservatism? (his last name)
What country did the Congress of Vienna aim to surround with strong neighbors?
After the Congress of Vienna, what form of government was disallowed in German lands? (1 word)
Which wealthy group opposed slavery after the 7 years war? (1 word)
Which British man used scripture to attack slavery in his writing? (2 words)
______ and ______ led to the “scramble for Africa” in the 19th c. (alphabetical order)
What is Herder’s Volkgeist? (4 words)
This religious sect was founded by ____ on Romantic ideals (name of religion, last name of founder)
This movement was based less on reason and more on emotion (1 word)
This artistic movement depicted the flamboyant life of French aristocrats (1 word)
_______ played an instrumental role in nationalizing students during the 19th c. (2 words)
Liberals wanted to extend representation to this group (2 words)
Despite egalitarian ideals, liberals opposed this (2 words)
Napoleon connected these three concepts during his reign (3 words-alphabetical order)
The harsh provisions of the Congress of Vienna represent this ideological stance (1 word)
Which two groups were angry with L18’charter? (2 words, alphabetical order)
This monarch revived primogeniture and Catholicism as France’s official religion (name roman numeral)
Liberals named this man as ruler during the July Rebellion (first and last name)
What group was disappointed by Louis Philipe’s rule? (1 word)
What groups were disbanded by the Carslabad Decrees? (1 long word)
These two acts from the British reactionary phase were aimed at defeating unions (4 words)
_____ was the last stand of liberal protesters

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