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Suborder of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs and a clade that were carnivorous, bipedal, intelligent and gave rise to birds.
One of two basic divisions of dinosaurs, with lizard like hip
Armoured, horned and duck billed dinosaur clade
Usually rare group of dinosaurs that make up 50% of dinosaurs in Southeastern Australi (Polar regions) with enlarged optic lobes.
Family of bird-like theropod dinosaurs, small-medium sized feathers carnivores that flourished in the Cretaceous
Genus of early bird that is transitional between featherd dinosaurs and modern birds
Clade containing all theropod dinosaurs more closely related to birds than to carnosaurs
Crown group of diapsid amniotes whose living representatives include birds, crocodiles along with dinposaurs and pterosaurs
Crown group Archosaurs closer to birds than to cricodile
Non-avian theropod from Jehol with true protofeathers/ integumentary structures
Ornithischia with distinct tail spikes/ plates; non intelligent herbivore
Ornithischian, heterodontid with large thumb spikes and a long prehensile fifth finger
Genus of small herbivorous dinosaurs in early Jurassic
Ornithischia with horns/ frills extending over neck, could gallop incredibly quickly on wide rhino-like feet
Clade of coelurosaurian dinosaurs including birds and the non-avian dinosaurs most closely related to them
Giant theropod from late Cretaceous, massive bipedal carnviore with long heavy tail/ short fore limbs and an unusually powerful clawed digit
Duckbilled dinosaurs
Largest land animals ever up to 40m
Ornithischia with larger bony structure on head for hitting each other, bipedal, group living and fast
Ornithischia with heavily armoured body and massive bony tail that could shatter bones

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