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In which vault is the sorcerer's stone?
How many staircases does Hogwarts have?
When Snapes takes over Defense Against the Dark Arts in Lupin's place, what page does he tell the class to turn to?
What is the Potter's vault number?
What model is Harry's Nimbus broom?
In what year did Ollivander's Wand Shop begin?
What is the number Mr. Weasley dialed in the telephone booth to get into the Ministry of Magic?
How many galleons did Harry receive after winning the Triwizard Cup?
What is platform number for the train to Hogwarts?
How many chocolate frog cards does Ron say he has?
How many sickles in a galleon?
How many uses of dragon's blood are there?
How many times was Nearly Headless Nick hit with an axe?
In what year was Harry Potter born?

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