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QUIZ: Can you name the most deadly snakes in the world?

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Location(s)Name Of SnakeDefense
AustraliaPoisin, 1 bite can kill 100 humans
AustraliaPoisin, flattens neck before stricking
ThailandPoisin, attacks for self deffence only
Australia and New GuineaPoisin, lives under fallen logs and tree roots
AustraliaPoisin, lives in creeks, wetlands and coasts
AustraliaPoisin, can swallow prey twice its size
Africa and IndiaPoisin, rubbs scales together when provoked
Central America, North America and South AmericaPoisin, lives underground in cracks
Sub-Saharan AfricaPoisin, stays in trees
Australia ecept for Victoria and TasmaniaPoisin, venom attacks nerves leading to paralysis

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