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Can you name the intended victims of these failed assassins?

Quiz Updated Mar 13, 2012

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Would-Be AssassinIntended VictimWhen & Where
Dmitry Karakozov1866: Summer Garden, St.Petersburg
Lynnette 'Squeaky' Fromme1975: Capitol Park, Sacramento
Joseph Paul Franklin1978: county courthouse, Lawrenceville, GA
Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola1950: Blair House, Washington DC
Alexander Berkman1892: the victim's office, Pittsburgh, PA
Nguyen Van Troi1963: airport road into Saigon
Michael Riccardi1991: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Claus von Stauffenberg1944: Wolfsschanze, Prussia
James Hadfield1800: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
Michael Abram1999: the victim's home, Henley-on-Thames
Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry1962: Petit-Clamart, France
Roderick McLean1882: Windsor
Guy Fawkes1605: underneath Parliament, London
Would-Be AssassinIntended VictimWhen & Where
Mehmet Ali Ağca1981: Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City
Vladimir Arutyunian2005: Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia
Fanni Kaplan1918: Hammer and Sickle Factory, Moscow
Valerie Solanas1968: The Factory, Manhattan
Lewis Powell1865: the victim's home, Washington, DC
Richard Lawrence1835: Capitol Building, Washington DC
Arthur Bremer1972: Laurel Shopping Center, Laurel, MD
John Hinckley, Jr.1981: outside the Hilton Hotel, Washington DC
John Flammang Schrank1912: Hotel Gilpatrick, Milwaukee, WI
Marcus Sarjeant 1981: The Mall, London
Maxime Brunerie2002: Champs-Élysées, Paris
Violet Gibson1926: Rome, Italy

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