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Can you name the words written on Dylan's cue cards in the video for 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'?

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LyricsWords on CardActual Lyric
Johnny’s in the [card 1]
Mixing up the [card 2]
I'm on the [card 3]
Thinking about the [card 4]
The man in the [card 5]
Badge out, [card 6]
Says he’s got a [card 7]
Wants to get it [card 8]
Look out [card 9]
It’s somethin’ you [card 10]
God knows [card 11]
But you’re doin’ it [card 12]
You better duck down the [card 13]
Lookin’ for a [card 14]
The man in the [card 15]
By the [card 16]
Wants [card 17]
You only got [card 18]
Maggie comes [card 19]
Face full of [card 20]
Talkin’ that the [card 21]
Plants in the [card 22]
LyricsWords on CardActual Lyric
The phone’s tapped [card 23]
Maggie says that [card 24]
They [card 25] in early May
Orders from the [card 26]
[card 27] kid
[card 28] what you did
Walk on your [card 29]
Don’t try [card 30]
Better stay away from [card 31]
That carry around a [card 32]
Keep a [card 33]
Watch the [card 34]
You don’t need a weatherman/To know which way the [card 35]
Get sick, [card 36]
Hang around a ink well/Ring bell, [card 37] to tell
If anything is goin’ to sell/Try hard, get barred/Get back, [card 38]
[card 39], jump bail
Join the army, if you [card 40]
Look out kid [card 41]
You’re gonna get hit [card 42]
But [card 43],
[card 44]
LyricsWords on CardActual Lyric
Six-time losers/Hang around the [card 45]
Girl by the [card 46]
Lookin’ for a [card 47]
Don’t follow [card 48]
Watch the [card 49]
Ah [card 50], keep warm
[card 51], learn to dance
Get dressed, [card 52]
Try to be a [card 53]
[card 54], buy gifts
Don’t steal, [card 55]
Twenty years of schoolin’/And they put you on the [card 56]
Look out kid [card 57]
They keep it all [card 58]
Better jump down a [card 59]
Light yourself a candle/Don’t wear sandals/Try to avoid the [card 60]
Don’t wanna be a [card 61]
You better [card 62]
The pump don’t work/’Cause [card 63]
[card 64]

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