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Can you name the countries of the world by their bizzare description?

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Forced Order
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Bordered by the Bay of Biscay on the west
James Cook was born here
Capital is Budapest
The Etruscans lived here
The Ural mountains is in this country
Albert Einstein was born here
Nara was nation's first capital
Only polynesian nation to be ruled by a king
Country name also pronounced 'Kiribass'
Pather Panchali the movie was made in this country
Marie Curie was born here
Currency is called 'Tala'
Tamerlane was born here
Mount Cotopaxi is located here
Capital is Oslo
World's fourth smallest country
The Jutland peninsula is 70% of the land
The Seljuks dynasty was in this country
Amun-re, Anubis are gods here
The Zhou dynasty ruled in this country

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