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Branches of Nile River meet at the capital
Ful medames, a recipe old as their great wonder of the world
Zanzibar island is near this country
Black Hawk Down is based on this country.
Capital is Nairobi, and country is on equator
Flag is totally green
Country occupies the Western Sahara
World's largest exporter of vanilla
First settlers were from Norway
The Great Dividing Range is located here
Was the heart of the Incan Empire
The Otavalo Market is located north of capital
Country currency is the Zloty
Composed of Bohemia and Moravia
This country is most famous for Goulash
Flag has a blue cross, bordered by Russia
Manufactures Peugeot and Renault
Great food called Gyros, we love it so much
Currency is the Lev
Arabian Island country with low oil reserves
The Ryukyu Islands is part of this country
Currency is the Won
Sepak Raga is a traditional sport here
Strict laws around littering, especially in city
Capital is Bandar Seri Begawan
Country is composed of South Island and North Island
Jostedal Glacier is here
People here serve caviar as a sign of friendship
Famous for Sherry, besides other stuff
Famous for the city of Petra

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