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YearName of ResearcherAchievement
1735innovator of binomial nomenclature and author of Systema Naturae
1809proposed evolution driven by 'internal forces' and inheritance of acquired characteristics
1858proposed theory of evolution by natural selection; field work in Amazon & Malay Archipelago
1859proposed theory of evolution by natural selection; also wrote about earthworms and atolls
1865father of modern genetics; first to propose genetic basis of heredity
1920pioneer of fruit fly as model system for genetics @ Columbia U; first to discover crossing over of linked genes
1932British geneticist and major driver of the New Synthesis; co-founder of pop genetics, author of 'A Mathematical Theory of Natural and Artificial Selection'; first name = 3 initials
YearName of ResearcherAchievement
1930British geneticist and co-founder of population genetics; developed major advances in statistics (ANOVA); author of 'Genetical Theory of Natural Selection'
1930American geneticist and co-founder of population genetics & the new synthesis; developed concept of F-statistics for cattle inbreeding problems
1937studied fruit fly genetics @ Columbia U then CalTech; first to take fruit fly genetic discoveries into field studies with natural populations; author of 'Genetics and the Origin of Species' and defined evolution as 'a change in the frequency of an allele within a gene pool'; spelled with a 'z'
1941pair of American geneticists & Nobel laureates from CalTech to propose one gene-one enzyme hypothesis
1942biological species concept, allopatric speciation by geographical barriers, 'Systematics and the Origin of Species'
1958Haldane's student; coined term 'kin selection'; author of 'Evolution and the Theory of Games' and 'Evolution of Sex'

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