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Name the Original Killers Songs That Have Not Been Released On an Album By Their First Line

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Maybe it's wrong but I believe in right.Demo
Birthday, Jimmy it's your birthday, you're watching the years slip away as you slowly waste away.Live
We went to the rain forest in Puerto Rico.Demo
I'm gonna be left out, I'm gonna break you.Demo
Send me to corrupt you.Live
She left my s*** outside the door and said 'don't you f*** with me no more'Live
Memories erased, not forgotten....
Send me a way out, I'm here on my own.Demo
His beard is long and red and his hat stays on his head.Demo
I want my heart back.Live
...I guess I'll stay here, your favorite pal.Live
If it was up to me, well I'd lash out, freak out, scene on me.Demo
Pick you up later on. What to do?Demo
A police car was outside your house today.Live
In the borough of Brent, the legend is real.Live
Matthew has got a big idea and he's gonna take it out on me.Live
Halloween, oh witches flying by.Demo

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