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Can you guess the Killers song based off of the loosely translated first lyric?

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Translated LyricsSongActual Lyrics
Aggressive, all speak of the role we play.
Yesterday I went on foot, but was not the same.
When I propose of survival, as you say, very severely difficult to live with.
A lot of rain from the evergreen old very old Saigon the roads of Assam.
Fear of the world is to eat that little bird already whispered in my ear.
I know what you want what I have to use it in the evening, at noon, night show today.
From the sky to me, in my honor dammit, I spell it to get this off my shoulders, I took good care of it.
Your model is in Hell waiting for a boy to save her from old habits.
Time to tell you, with my stay in the house. Wedding signs, they start easy.
Stood with friends on the street.
At dusk began was another thing I know they separate me from my son and then that is my blood.
Out of the cell and it was good.

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