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How Well Do You Know BTS?

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Debut Date
What Is The Name For Their Fans
What Does BTS Stand For
Leader, Main Rapper(Stage Name)
Vocal, Visual(Stage Name)
Lead Rapper(Stage Name)
Main Dancer, Lead Rapper(Stage Name)
Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal
Vocal(Stage Name)
Lead Dancer,Main Vocal,Rapper
V's Real Name
Suga's Real Name
Rap Monster's Real Name
J-Hope's Real Name
Jin's Real Name
Debut Album
First Mini Album
Second Mini Album
Second Mini Album Repackaged
First Full Album
Third Mini Album
Fourth Mini Album
Third & Fourth Mini Album Compiled
Second Full Album
Second Full Album Repackaged
What Song Was BTS's First Win
How Many Times Did BTS Win With I Need U
How Many Times Did BTS Win With Run
How Many Times Did BTS Win With Fire
How Many Times Did BTS Win With Blood Sweat Tears
How Many Times Did BTS Win With Spring Day
Which Member Released A Mixtape In 2015
Which Member Released A Mixtape In 2016
Name Of Suga's Mixtape
Name Of Rap Monster's Mixtape
Which Member Sang A Cover Of The Song Fools With Rap Monster
Which Member Is The 'Child' Of Exo's Baekhyun And B.A.P's Daehyun
Which Member Is A Strong Supporter Of Gay Rights
Which Member Gets Teased For His Height
Which Member Was Featured In One Of Jokwon's Songs Before Debut
Which Member Is Called A Princess By The Other Members
Which Member Is Close Friends With Actor Kim Minjae
What Name Did Suga Adopt For His Mixtape
Which Member Taught Himself English
Which Member Is 'The Golden Maknae'
Which Member Is A Former JYP Trainee

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