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Your characters name?
The Name of the girl that you rescue?
City that Bioshock Infinite is set?
The prophet of columbia?
What number does your character pull from the basket?
Where is the girl trying to go?
What is the First Vigor you recieve?
Name of the giant robotic bird?
Which battle was your character involved in in 1890?
Who was in the battle with you, and fought you at the Hall of Heroes?
Which Vigor do you get at The Hall of Heroes?
Notes that need to be played to summon the bird?
What is engraved on your characters hand?
What does the engraving stand for?
Who is the creator of Vigors and the Sky Hook?
Who Created the technology to keep the city afloat?
Who is your character in debt to?
What are the collectible audio devices called?
What are the underground anarchists known as?
Who is the leader of the underground anarchists?
Who is the Chinese gunsmith that you have been hired to contact?
Where is the gunsmith taken to when he is captured?
What is unlocked once you finish the game?

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