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You notice a mass protruding from the vagina of a CAT. This mass is pedunculated and molded to the uterine lumen. What type of mass is this?
During which phase of the estrus cycle is the uterus most susceptible to infection?
Upon overiohysterectomy of a BITCH, you notice a well-circumscribed, firm mass in the left uterine horn. This mass is made of smooth muscle and connective tissue. What is your diag
Will an animal with a XX genotype with the SRY gene translocated to the X chromosome be phenotypically male or female?
The vaginal discharge after birthing that contains blood, mucus, and uterine tissue is known as ________
An abnormality in which all or some of the uterine horn never developed is known as ___________
What is the most common bacterial cause of pyometra in the BITCH?
True or False: Aspergillus is a cause of metritis in CATTLE.
Which layer(s) of the uterus does metritis affect?
This type of ovarian neoplasm have cells that represent all three germ lines (ectoderm, endoderm, myoderm).
Tricolor male CATS with testicular hypoplasia have what type of sex chromosome disorder?
Are papillary adenocarcinomas in DOGS more often benign or malignant?
A functional sex cord stromal neoplasm with release of __________ can cause cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a BITCH.
Periovarian cysts are cystic remnants of which structure?
Inflammation of the uterus is known as _______
Lymphoma in COWS is often caused by ___________
Which gene, located on the Y chromosome, leads to the development of the male phenotype?
In females, the ________duct turns into the genital tract.
True or False: Uterus neoplasms are common in domestic animals.
Presence of cystic Graafian follicles in COWS in which ovulation does not occur is known as __________
Ingestion of zearalenone (a mycotoxin found in moldy feed) by PIGS can cause which condition?
True or False: Ovarian cysts are incidental findings in DOGS with little consequences.
Hypocalcemia, retained placenta, and prolonged dystocia are all predisposing factors for development of ________ in CATTLE.
Which layer(s) of the uterus does endometritis affect?
When the myometrium is infiltrated by endometrial stroma and glands is known as _________
True or False: Fusobacterium sp. cause pyometra in COWS.
Cystic corpus luteum in SOWS or COWS is caused by delayed or insufficient release of which hormone?
Infectious pustular vulvovaginitis in CATTLE is transmitted via ________
What is the most common cause of uterine prolapse in EWES?
What type of cell does Bovine Herpes Virus 1 typically invade?
Endometrial hyperplasia in COWS, EWES and SOWS results from chronic ________ stimulation.
Upon ovariohysterectomy of a bitch, you notice the ovary has hair, cartilage and bone in it. What is your top differential?
Does clover disease in EWES cause increased or decreased myometrial tone?
Persistence of the medial walls of the uterus resulting in duplication of the cervix is known as _______
Equine coital exanthema is caused by ____________ in HORSES
In which species does pyometra cause copious amounts of purulent discharge since the cervix is often not closed?
An animal has two testes with a well-developed uterus, cervix, and vagina and lack of ovarian tissue. This condition is known as _________.
_______ is the condition in which half of the body is male and half is female.
Twins of opposite sexes in CATTLE often results in a condition called _________ in which the female develops abnormalities.
Large, full-thickness ulcers around the perineum and on the vulvar skin that heal with depigmented regions in HORSES is typical of what disease?
What is the most common bacterial cause of pyometra in HORSES?
A female COW has ovotestes, vesicular glands, a short non-patent vagina, and an enlarged clitoris with a prominent tuft of hair. What condition does she likely have?
Vaginal prolapse due to zearalenone toxicity is due to which fungus?
Are granulosa cell tumors usually malignant or benign in QUEENS?
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a BITCH may provide a suitable environment for bacteria to grow, leading to __________
In what species are uterine prolapses fairly common?
Is uterine torsion more common in pregnant or non-pregnant animals?
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a BITCH is due to influence of __________ after estrus
What tumor is transmitted during coitus in DOGS, found in the Southern United States, and is located most commonly on external genitalia?
In which species does pyometra cause a small amount of pus to leak into the anterior vagina due to no mucous seal on the cervix?
Ingestion of what type of plant in COWS and SHEEP can lead to endometrial hyperplasia?
The sex chromosome disorder with a genotype of X_ is known as ______ syndrome.
Hyperestrogenism secondary to mycotoxicosis, hyperestrogenism due to ovarian tumors, and physiologic swelling during estrus are all causes of ___________ in SOWS
Uterine cysts are believed to arise from ________ cells trapped within serosal connective tissue.
True or False: COWS with cystic corpus lutea usually produce enough progesterone to maintain pregnancy.
What species is affected by subinvolution of placental sites (SIPS)?
_______ in DOGS is characterized by prolonged bloody vaginal discharge after whelping. Histopathology reveals large syncytial cells perforating the myometrium.
You find bilateral, cauliflower-like masses on both ovaries of a DOG. You also notice it has metastesized throughout the abdominal cavity. What is your top differential?
From which layer of the uterus do leiomyomas originate?
True or False: Arcanobacterium pyogenes commonly causes pyometra in HORSES.
This G- coccobacillus bacteria causes temporary infertility and mucopurulent discharge in MARES and is a reportable disease.
What disease does Taylorella equigenitalis cause in HORSES?
Periovarian cysts are also known as ____________
After ovulation, blood fills the recently-ruptured follicle. This structure is known as the ___________
A _____ is characterized by a persistent membrane in the zone of fusion of paramesonephric duct with the urogenital sinus
In MARES, ovarian epithelial cells are entrapped in the ovary, leading to ___________
The accumulation of suppurative fluid in the uterus is known as _________.
In CATTLE pregnant with opposite-sex twins, do the gonads of the male or female develop first?
True or False: Vulva hypertrophy commonly occurs during estrus in PIGS.
In males, the ________ duct turns into the genital tract.
What type of tumor is the most common ovarian neoplasm in large animals?
Infectious pustular vulvovaginitis in COWS is caused by __________
True or False: DOGS and CATS can get papillary adenocarcinomas.
Are granulosa cell tumors usually malignant or benign in LARGE ANIMALS?
A functional sex cord stromal neoplasm with release of __________ can cause male traits or stallion-like behavior in MARES.
The sex chromosome disorder with a genotype of XX/XY is known as _________
________ induces immunosuppression by inhibiting lymphocyte proliferation, leading to increased susceptibility for metritis.
An animal with ambiguous genitalia with BOTH gonadal tissues is known as a _____________
Will a genotypically XY animal with lack of functional androgen receptors have male or female external genitalia?
This organism is a protozoal parasite that can be transmitted through coitus and cause metritis in CATTLE.
An old, intact BITCH that has never been bred developed PU/PD, began vomiting, and became anorexic a few weeks after estrus. What does she likely have?

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