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Answer these questions related to cardiac pathology in veterinary species.

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Hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, and endothelial damage are all predisposing factors for __________ in DOGS
True or False: Endocardiosis most commonly occurs in DOGS, but can also occur in other animals.
Polyarteritis nodosa in DOGS is known as ___________
True or False: Patent ductus arteriosus is the most common cardiac defect in COWS.
Endothelial injury, alteration in blood flow, and hypercoagulability can all lead to ______ formation.
Pulmonic stenosis, overriding aorta, high VSD, and right ventricular concentric hypertrophy are defects associated with __________.
True or False: An animal with left-to-right shunting will present as cyanotic.
Reversal of blood flow from right to left through a ventricular septal defect due to increased right-sided pressure is known as ____________
True or False: Endocardiosis always leads to heart failure.
True or False: Endocarditis only occurs in COWS and PIGS.
A DOG presents on necropsy with its aortic valve covered in rough, friable, yellow-white masses made of bacteria, fibrin and neutrophils. Name the condition.
What breed of DOG has a predisposition for developing endocardiosis?
Lipid deposition with necrosis and fibrosis of the arterial wall is known as ________
True or False: Endocardiosis occurs more often in large breed dogs.
Does valvular stenosis lead to concentric or eccentric hypertrophy?
True or False: Ventricular septal defects in COWS often causes increased volume and pressure on the right side of the heart, leading to right-sided heart failure.
Are chicken fat clots postmortem or antemortem?
A DOG presents on necropsy with thickened valves with smooth, shiny, firm nodular lesions. This is known as _______.
True or False: Streptococcus spp. are common causes of endocarditis in COWS.
True or False: Cardiac defects and valvular anomalies are common in domestic animals.
For vertebral heart score, do you measure the heart on lateral or VD view for a CAT?
True or False: Endocardiosis is one of the leading causes of congestive heart failure in DOGS.
DOGS with cardiac disease are often put on antibiotics prior to a dental cleaning due to the large amount of bacteria that is released. This is done to prevent development of _____
Fibrinous necrosis of arteries with inflammatory cells and fibrosis in the vessel walls that is caused by rogue immune cells is known as __________
True or False: Endocarditis can cause congestive heart failure due to leakage of valves.
In valvular stenosis, is the band of fibrous tissue typically above or underneath the valve?
Is right ventricular concentric hypertrophy a primary or secondary defect in Tetralogy of Fallot?
For vertebral heart score, do you measure the heart on lateral or VD view for a DOG?
True or False: Dirofilaria immitis is a common cause of vasculitis in DOGS.
True or False: Endocarditis is most often caused by a virus.
Pieces of thrombi can break off and form ______.
True or False: Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae is a common cause of endocarditis in PIGS.
Dilation of a blood vessel is known as an _______
Age-related hardening of arteries is known as ____________
Secondary right-sided heart failure due to pulmonary hypertension is known as ________
True or False: COWS with ventricular septal defects can cause eccentric and concentric hypertrophy of the right ventricle.
_____ are layers of fibrin, erythrocytes, and leukocytes that adhere to vessel walls.
A single, dark-red nodule on the valves of a calf's heart is an incidental finding known as a __________.
If plaques break off of the valve in ____-sided endocarditis, the bacterial emboli will cause infarcts in the kidney and spleen.
The fetal ductus arteriosus should normally close and form the _________ in an adult animal.
True or False: Arcanobacterium pyogenes is a common cause for endocarditis in COWS.
Strongylus vulgaris causes vasculitis in the ________ artery in horses.
Do ventricular septal defects in DOGS typically lead to more left- or right-sided changes in the heart?
True or False: E. coli is a common cause of endocarditis in COWS.
If plaques break off of the valve in ____-sided endocarditis, the septic emboli will lodge in the lungs and cause abscesses.
True or False: COWS with ventricular septal defects will often present with dilated left ventricles.
In a normal animal, does the right or left aortic arch turn into the aorta?
Endocardiosis can prevent the valves from fully shutting. This can cause regurgitation & turbulence, causing a rough patch in the endothelium. The lesion for this is known as a ___
Vasculitis often manifests as _______ grossly.
True or False: Patent ductus arteriosus causes left ventricular concentric hypertrophy.
Which valve is most commonly affected by endocarditis in DOGS?
Megaesophagus is a common sequelae of __________ because a stricture is formed around the esophagus.
Are thrombi more granular or smooth?

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