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QUIZ: Answer these questions related to respiratory pathology in veterinary species.

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Feline asthma is due to _______ hypersensitivity?
Are canine distemper virus inclusion bodies mostly intracytoplasmic or intranuclear?
The most common nasal tumor in HORSES is _____________
Atrophic rhinitis is caused by which two bacteria?
Mycobacterium bovis causes a _______ pneumonia in CATTLE.
Migration of ________ larvae through the lungs causes 'thumps' in PIGS.
Rhinitis caused by _________ is characterized by narrow-based budding yeast with a thick, clear capsule in CATS.
True or False: Emphysema is a common finding with atypical interstitial pneumonia in CATTLE.
Actinobacillus suis, Haemophilus parasuis, Streptococcus suis, and Mycoplasma hyorhinis are the rule outs for _________ in PIGS.
Traumatic reticuloperitonitis is also known as ____________
The scientific name of the SWINE lungworm is _________
__________ is a lungworm of SMALL RUMINANTS that causes subpleural nodules.
What distribution pattern is Blastomyces manifested as in the lungs?
Are fibrosis and hemosiderin-laden alveolar macrophages in DOGS due to chronic or acute passive congestion?
Are primary pulmonary tumors or metastatic tumors more common in DOGS?
On necropsy of a CAT, you find white nodules following the subcapsular veins on the kidneys. The nodules are filled with macrophages. What is your diagnosis?
True or False: Bronchiolitis obliterans is a sequelae of enzootic pneumonia.
Collapsing trachea in DOGS is due to a problem in which muscle?
The scientific name of the lungworm of CATTLE is ________
Shipping fever in CATTLE is characterized by what type of lung pattern?
Is shipping fever or enzootic pneumonia more common in older cows?
________ is characterized by ptosis, enopthalmos, miosis, and protrusion of the third eyelid.
What type of cells does PRRSV attack in the lungs of PIGS?
What is the most important agent of infectious tracheobronchitis in DOGS?
Atypical interstitial pneumonia in CATTLE is characterized by hyperplasia of which type of cell?
What pattern of pneumonia does Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae cause in PIGS?
Pneumonia caused by thick-walled, round, broad-based yeast in a DOG is likely due to which fungus?
Visna/Maedi, OPP, and CAE all belong to which family of viruses?
Sequelae of ________ include enamel hypoplasia and hyperkeratosis of foot pads in DOGS.
Exudation of plasma proteins mixed with surfactant and lipids causes formation of _________
Feline Infectious Peritonitis virus is a mutant form of which virus?
________ manifests as a white fluid made of lymphocytes that fills the thorax in CATS.
Does Canine Influenza Virus have high or low mortality?
On necropsy of a COW, you notice tan-yellow fibrinous material covering the inside of the trachea and nasal cavity. What is your diagnosis?
What is the most common cause of pulmonary artery thromboembolism in DOGS?
_______ causes a checkerboard pattern throughout the lung from lobular atelectasis in PIGS.
50% of HORSES with foal pneumonia also have ____________ from coughing up and swallowing bacterial emboli.
_________ manifests as catarrhal to mucopurulent nasopharyngitis and conjunctivitis in DOGS.
What are the two most common causes of pleuropneumonias in CATTLE?
Of the three differentials for FELINE upper respiratory disease complex, which is the most likely to cause lingual and oral ulceration?
Which form of FIP is characterized by Type IV hypersensitivity?
Loss of _______ due to glomerular disease leads to pulmonary thrombosis.
True or False: Pulmonary lesions caused by Histophilus somni are similar to those caused by Mannheimia haemolytica.
The most common nasal tumor in CATS is _____________
Obstruction of venous return to the heart is known as __________
Enzootic pneumonia in PIGS is caused by __________.
What is the most common primary pulmonary tumor in DOGS?
Which form of FIP is characterized by vasculitis?
HORSES with gutteral pouch mycoses can have problems swallowing due to vagal and glossopharyngeal nerve damage. Difficulty swallowing is known as _________
In a HORSE, an _________ is characterized by proliferation of fibrovascular tissue in the nasal cavity that ends up hemorrhaging.
Feline rhinotracheitis virus (herpes) is a differential for FELINE upper respiratory disease complex. What are the other 2 differentials?
What is the most common cause of chylothorax in CATS?
__________ is the most pathogenic lungworm of SMALL RUMINANTS, but no lesions are seen
Similar to ARDS in dogs, this disease in CATTLE produces hyaline membranes.
What is the primary bacteria that causes shipping fever in CATTLE?
True or False: Nasal adenocarcinomas and granulomatous rhinitis may be hard to differentiate grossly.
In CATS, ____________ start in the middle ear or Eustachian tube and extend to the external ear canal or nasopharynx.
A common mycosis of the gutteral pouch in HORSES is due to ___________
What pattern of pneumonia does enzootic pneumonia manifest as in PIGS?
Which form of FIP is characterized by pyogranulomatous inflammation?
Pus filling the gutteral pouch, pneumonia, and purpura hemorrhagica are all sequelae of _________ in HORSES.
Enzootic nasal carcinomas in SHEEP are induced by __________
Purpura hemorrhagica in HORSES is caused by what type of hypersensitivity?
What is a very common secondary bacteria that infects the lungs of calves with enzootic pneumonia?
Smooth muscle hyperplasia, goblet cell hyperplasia, mucous gland hyperplasia, eosinophils, and narrowed bronchioles are characteristic of _____________ in CATS
Foal pneumonia is caused by ___________.
Consumption of _________ in pasture by CATTLE causes free radical injury to Type I pneumocytes in atypical interstitial pneumonia.
This disease is characterized by nasal conchal atrophy in PIGS.
Metastatic abscesses of strangles in HORSES is known as ____________.
In ARDS, hyperreactive _________ release cytokines that cause neutrophils to release enzymes and free radicals, leading to alveolar endothelial and epithelial damage.
A common sequelae of strangles in HORSES occurs when pus fills the gutteral pouch. This is known as __________
What is the major rule out for Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus?
Clinical signs of ________ in a DOG include sneezing, nasal discharge, epistaxis, and masses.
Is infectious tracheobronchitis in DOGS more of an upper or lower respiratory tract problem?
CATS with bites or awns that puncture the thorax can end up with __________
What bacteria causes strangles in HORSES?
Which form of FIP is characterized by Type III hypersensitivity?
Small bronchioles in the lungs of HORSES that have increased goblet cells and degenerating clara cells and are filled with mucous, neutrophils, and sloughed cells is known as _____
Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS) is often associated with formation of __________ in the lungs.
What is the major viral rule out for PRRSV?
Bovine tuberculosis is caused by what bacteria?
Roaring in horses can be a sequelae of gutteral pouch mycoses in HORSES. Which nerve is affected?
GOATS with Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis get hyperplasia of what type of pneumocyte?
The toxin from which bacteria promotes resorption of nasal turbinates in PIGS?
Which virus in DOGS commonly affects respiratory, GI, and nervous tissue?
Adult Dictyocaulus viviparus worms live in the ________ of CATTLE.
_________ is the most common cause of granulomatous rhinitis in a DOG
Which strain of Equine Influenza Virus can DOGS get from horses?
True or False: Canine Influenza Virus is typically an upper respiratory problem.
Besides heartworm, what is the other major rule out for pulmonary thrombosis?
What pattern of pneumonia does PRRSV cause?

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