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 4 p's of marketing
 4 p's of marketing
 4 p's of marketing
 4 p's of marketing
 A word, letter, or group of words that represents a seller
 All the techniques sellers use to motivate customers to purchase
 Information that has already been compiled by others
 Information you compile yourself
 Process of identifying the factors that can affect marketing success
 Dividing the market using the group's values, attitudes, and interests
 Dividing the market by determining which benefits of the product to talk about
 Dividing the market by usage
 Process of finding small but profitable market segments
 Developing a unique mix of goods and services for each individual customer
 Marketing strategy of offering customers products that exactly meet their need
 Everything that consumers evaluate when deciding whether to purchase
 Group of products that are physically similar (i.e. colas)
 Combination of product lines offered by a manufacturer
 Products that consumers produce regularly with minimum effort (i.e. food)
 Products that the consumer buys only after comparing product with that of a variety of sellers (i.e. clothes)
 Products a customer puts special effort into purchasing (i.e. cars)
 Products that consumers only need if situations arise (i.e. car towing)
 Products used in the production of other products
 Name, symbol, or design that identifies a product
 Brand which has been given exclusive legal protection of its name and symbol
 The combination of factors that consumers associate with a given brand name
 The linking of a brand to other favorable images
 Taking a product to consumers to test their reactions
 Demand based pricing strategy in which the product is so good that it satisfies customers and therefore meets profit margins
 Pricing strategy in which company sets its prices based on the prices of others
 Procedure in which one or more dominant firms set the pricing practices others follow
 (Total fixed costs)/(Price of one unit - Variable cost of one unit)
 Strategy in which a new product is priced high to make optimum profit while there's little competition
 Strategy in which a product is priced low to attract many customers and discourage competition
 Pricing goods and services at price points that make the product appear less expensive (i.e. $9.99)
 Marketing intermediaries who bring buyers and sellers together
 Adding value to products by making them available when needed
 Adding value to products by having them where people want them
 Doing whatever is necessary to transfer ownership from one party to another (i.e. delivery)
 Adding value to product by opening two-way flows of information
 Adding value by providing fast, friendly service during and after the sale
 Wholesalers that furnish racks or shelves full of merchandise to retailers, display products, and sell on consignment
 Wholesalers that serve mostly smaller retailers with a limited assortment of products (i.e. staples)
 Wholesalers who own the merchandise but don't handle, stock, or deliver it
 Distribution that puts products into as many places as possible
 Distribution that sends product to only a preferred group of retailers in an area
 Distribution that sends product to only one retail outlet in a given area
 Distribution system in which all of the organizations in the channel of distribution are owned by one firm
 Distribution system in which members are bound to cooperate through contractual agreements
 The marketing activity which involves overseeing the flow of materials
 The area of goods movement that involves bringing goods back to the manufacturers because of defects
 Organization that puts many small shipments together to create a single large shipment that can be transported cost-effectively
 Effort by marketers to inform and remind people in the tarket market about products
 Combination of promotional tools
 A technique that combines all the promotional tools into a unified strategy
 Researching potential buyers and choosing those most likely to buy
 In the selling process, making sure people have a need, authority to by, and a willingness to listen
 Management funcion that evaluates public values and makes changes to companies based on those evaluations
 Promotional tool in which a company lets consumers have a small sample of the product with no charge
 Promotional toll that involves people telling other people about products they've purchased
 Promotional strategy in which the producer uses promotional tools to convince retailers to stock and sell their mechandise
 Promotional strategy in which heavy advertising and promotion causes consumers to request the product from retailers
 Name for business technology in the 70's
 Technology that helps companies do business (i.e. ATMs)
 Technology that helps companies change business by allowing them to use new methods
 A companywide network, closed to public access, that uses internet-type technology
 A semiprivate network that allows more than one company to access the same information
 A private data network that creates secure connections over regular internet lines
 The private internet system that links government supercomputer centers and a select group of universities
 Software that is copyrighted but distributed to potential customers free of charge
 Software that is free for the taking
 Specific section in civil rights laws that prohibits discrimination in workplace
 The six M's of marketing
 The six M's of marketing
 The six M's of marketing
 The six M's of marketing
 The six M's of marketing
 The six M's of marketing

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