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What are the three components of the AF OJT program?K.P.E.
How is the job knowledge portion of the AF OJT program accomplished?
What happens after a trainee completes all the volumes of a CDC?Which form do you document?
Who conducts and documents work center orientations and initial evaulations within 60 days of assignment
Who actively participates in all opportunities for training
Who can be the supervisor or someone else assigned by the supervisor?
Who obtains and maintains knowledge, qualifications, certifications, and appropriate skill levels?
Who serves as a training consultant to all unit members?UTM
Who budgets on and off-duty time to complete assigned training tasks?
Who understands their deployment and home station?
You will receive this skill level if you complete this CDC, all core tasks identified in the CFETP, and other duty positions tasks identified by the supervisor, complete a minimum
What is a MTL?
CFETP, AF IMT 797, JQS Continuation/Command JQS, AF IMT 623a, OJT Training Record Continuation Sheet, CDC Enrollment Card, answer sheets and score cards, AETC Form 156, etc.
What is a CFETP?
Within the qualitative requirements part of the proficiency code key, what indicates how well a trainee needs to be able to either perform a task or understand a task or subject?
What is a STS?
What is a minimum requirement for what personnel must be trained on to be awarded that particular skill level?
What form is used to document an individual's training progression?
What is a QTP?
What is the name of the web-based training system that has 'eliminated transcription completely and reduced reviewing and updating times?
An Airman is qualified in two Air Force specialty codes. Which type of AFSC identifies the one in which the Airman is currently performing duty?

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