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Can you name the departments of a business where strategies are implemented?

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a. Technology Leader (Pioneering, Innovating, Uniqueness) or Technology Follower (Imitation & Adaptation)
a. Low Skill (Low Pay, Repetitive Tasks, High Turnover) b. High Skill (HIgh Pay, Cross Trained, Self Managing Teams)
a. Developing new markets b. Developing new products for existing markets c. Push/Pull Strategy d.Skim/Penetration/Dynamic Pricing
a. Flow of products in and out of the process b. Centralization, outsourcing, use of the internet
a. Determines how to and where to manufacture products b. Level of vertical integration c. Deployment of physical resources d. Supplier Relationships
a. Examines financial implications of corporate and business leverage b. MAX financial value of a firm
a. Continuous Improvement b. Mass Customization
a. Obtaining Raw Materials (Buy Inputs) b. Multiple Sourcing (Play one off another) c. Parallel Sourcing

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