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Quelques Réflexionsother books then?
Quelques Réflexionswhat's he done?
Quelques Réflexionsso it's your own fault
Introductionhis fictional roll
Lettre 6Usbek - Nessir (love?)
Lettre 8Usbek - Rustan why away
Lettre 9Eunuque - Ibbi eunuch's feelings
Lettre 9Eunuque - Ibbi power trip
Lettre 12Usbek - Mirza trog life
Lettre 16Usbek - Mollak happy abroad?
Lettre 20Usbek - Zachi about Rox
Lettre 24Rica - Ibben naïve persan
Lettre 26Usbek - Rox happy abroad?
Lettre 29Rica - Ibben pope
Lettre 29Rica- Ibben holy people
Lettre 30Rica - Ibben french disbelief
Lettre 42Pharan - Usbek becoming a eunuch
Lettre 50Rica - *** praise
Lettre 50Rica - *** praise oneself
Lettre 59Rica - Usbek triangles
Lettre 64 Eunuch - Usbek hareem troubles
Lettre 67Ibben - Usbek incest
Lettre 72Rica - Ibben decider
Lettre 73Rica -*** academie
Lettre 80Usbek - Rhédi government
Lettre 99Rica - Rhédi women and buildings
Lettre 102Usbek - Ibben power share
Lettre 106Usbek - Rhédi womd
Lettre 107Rica - Ibben women power
Lettre 110Rica - *** humour
Lettre 128Rica - Usbek translation
Lettre 141Rica - Usbek knowledgable woman
Lettre 141Rica - Usbek men still powerful
Lettre 142Rica - Usbek Law's realm
Lettre 143Rica - Nathaniel fear
Lettre 147Eunuch - Usbek climax
Lettre 148Usbek - Eunuch order
Lettre 151Solim - Usbek good Rox
Lettre 153Usbek - Solim harsh rule
Lettre 155Usbek - Nessir Usbek unhappy
Lettre 159Solim - Usbek oh Rox
Lettre 160Solim - Usbek power hungry
Lettre 161Roxanne - Usbek ending

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