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My Immortal, Going Under, Sweet Sacrifice
Tick Tick Boom, Walk Idiot Walk, Won't Be Long
The kill, kings and Queens, From Yesterday
Beat Again, One Shot
Ooh La, She Moves In Her Own Way, Shine On
Starlight, Undisclosed Desires, Uprising
Angel On My Shoulder, Things Have Changed, Big City Life
Vanilla Twilight, Hello Seattle, Fireflies
Standing In The Way Of Control, Love Long Distance, Heavy Cross
Shadow Of The Day, Numb, New Divide
Teenagers, Welcome To The Black Parade
Issues, If This Is Love
Time To Pretend, The Handshake, Electric Feel
Warning, American Idiot, Working Class Heroe
Starstrukk, Don't Trust Me
What A Shame, Second Chance, If You Only knew
Heartkiller, Bittersweet, Join Me (In Death)
Bulletproof, Colourless Colour, Quicksand
Brick By Boring Brick, Decode, Misery Business
Nemo, Bye Bye Beautiful, End Of All Hope

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