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What is Jesse Pinkman's license plate? (Exact spelling)Pilot
What concept is Walter teaching in this episode?Cat's in the Bag...
What does Gretchen say makes up the part of the human body for which Walter cannot account?...and the Bag's in the River
What does Hank call the investigation into Walt's meth? Gomie mocks the name and it is abandoned.Cancer Man
What maneuver does Badger use on Jesse during their fight in the desert? He learned this while twirling a sign.Gray Matter
Who gives Walter gum after he vomits at school? (Name, not profession)Crazy Handful of Nothin'
Where does Jesse say the drug meet with Tuco should have been?A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal
Where does Jesse buy his gun?Seven Thirty-Seven
What does Tuco say he hates in this episode?Grilled
What is Badger's cousin's name?Bit by a Dead Bee
When Walt asks Skyler where she has been, what does she say?Down
What kind of car does Jesse buy?Breakage
What does Walt tell Skyler as the reason Gretchen and Elliott can no longer pay for his treatment?Peekaboo
What kind of job does Skyler APPLY for at Beneke Fabricators? Negro y Azul
Complete the Saul quote: 'There are laws detective, have your ____________ _______ read them to you.'Better Call Saul
Jane wants to go to a museum to see whose paintings?4 Days Out
What kind of alcohol does Walt Jr. drink?Over
What are Gus' two concerns about how Jesse behaved at the drug meet?Mandala
Who takes Skyler to the hospital when she is in labor?Phoenix
Which major character do Jesse and Walt meet for the first time in this episode?ABQ
When Hank asks Walt what is in his duffel bag, what does Walt say?No Mas
What song is Walt listening to when he gets pulled over?Caballo Sin Nombre
Who does Jesse unsuccessfully attempt to call in this episode?I.F.T.
What letter does Hank's witness say the meth dealer's name starts with?Green Light
Complete the Saul quote: 'That's the way of the world, kid. __ ____ ___ ______. 'Mas
Who is the police officer looking for when he is killed by the Cousins? (spelling is difficult)Sunset
What time is it when Hank receives the warning call?One Minute
According to Walt, what type of music is Gale?I See You
Name one of the towns to which Gus's meth is being shipped.Kafkaesque
This episode is the only one in the entire series to not include which cast member? (his/her voice is heard, cast member or character accepted)Fly
What dish does Gus make when Walt visits?Abiquiu
What is the nickname of the motel where Wendy works?Half Measures
What is the name of Gus's chemical supplier?Full Measure
What instrument would Gale need to tell exactly how pure Walt's meth is?Box Cutter
According to Skinny Pete, the zombies in which game 'clock a respectable 40'?Thirty-Eight Snub
What does Marie steal from one of the open houses? The homeowners have a collection of over 50 of them.Open House
For what food does Gale have a recipe in his notebook?Bullet Points
Hank says, referring to Gale, that it's like ________ had sex with Mr. Rogers.Shotgun
What fake name does Jesse use when trying to enter the junkies' house?Cornered
How much money does Walt bring Skyler to launder?Problem Dog
What brand of car does Gus Fring drive?Hermanos
What program does Skyler pretend to have used to handle Beneke's finances?Bug
What does Walt Jr. want, lunch or breakfast? Salud
Complete the Huell quote: 'Ain't no accounting for no ___ __ ___.'Crawl Space
During Gomez's lie to the foreman of the laundry, what does he say was found in a chef's pocket?End Times
Complete the Saul quote: 'All I can say is, if I ever get ____ ______, I'll know what to name them.'Face Off
How does Mike know that the magnet plan worked?Live Free or Die
What game is Mike playing with his granddaughter when he gets a phone call?Madrigal
Who is the owner of Vamonos Pest?Hazard Pay
What song is playing immediately after Walt Jr. gets his new car?Fifty-One
What movie does Hank tell Walt Jr. he got on Blu-Ray? (part of the movie parallels this episode)Dead Freight
What is the name of the child that Todd killed in the desert?Buyout
Complete the Saul quote: 'How could Mike use that clown of a lawyer? Dan Wachsberger. He would've had better luck with the law firm of ___, _____, and _____.'Say My Name
The famous 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' montage was parodied by which popular sitcom?Gliding Over All
Who directed this episode?Blood Money
Which character, for the first time in the entire series, has no lines in this episode?Buried
Complete the Saul quote: 'Some people are immune to ____ ______.'Confessions
What does Jesse call Walt in this episode? Rabid Dog
How much money does Huell tell Hank that Walt had?To'hajiilee
The name of this episode is a reference to a poem by whom?Ozymandias
What part of Jesse's confession tape are Uncle Jack and his men watching before Kenny fastforwards?Granite State
What are Walt's last words?Felina
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