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A common analgesic, fomula C9H8O4
The most commonly known aromatic compound, formula C6H6
Found in tea, coffee etc, formula C8H10N4O2
An (non-radioactive) isotope of Hydrogen, 2H, also known as heavy hydrogen
Surround a nucleus, spinning in orbitals known as S, P, D or F
The first metallocene discovered, formula C10H10Fe
A type of electromagnetic radiation; Also the symbol used to represent an activity co-efficient
An alpha particle contains the same as the nucleus of this noble gas, used to fill balloons
One of the 3 main areas of Chemistry, involving things not to do with O's answer
A typical measure of the strength of a chemical bond (SI derived, in form (UNITS) per (UNIT))
A noble gas, atomic number 36, sometimes used in lighting, and discovered in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay
A type of acid that does not donate a proton, but instead accepts a lone pair of electrons
The simplest alkane/hydrocarbon, formula CH4
NMR, in full, a spectroscopy technique used to characterise compounds
One of the 3 main areas of Chemistry, involving chemicals with a Carbon and Hydrogen frame
One of the 3 main areas of Chemistry, involving Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics etc
A fused aromatic heterocycle, formula C9H7N
A type of stabilisation where a formal charge is delocalised around a molecule, over several atoms and bonds
The geometric shape of the highly unstable cyclobutadiene, C4H4
A prefix indicating the presence of Sulfur, S
The concept of inverse polarity in organic chemistry, such as grignard reagents and dithianes (from German)
A count of the number of bonds an atom can make/has made
The most common solvent
The region of the electromagnetic spectrum used in a type of crystallography to determine crystal structures
The colour of the dye Tartrazine, also known as E102
A catalyst used to make polyethene, made from TiCl4 and Al(C2H5)2Cl

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