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Match the Christmas song to what its written name would look like if it didn't have any vowels or punctuation and was entirely in lowercase.

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snt bb
frst th snwmn
w r snts lvs
m drmng f wht chrstms
ts bgnnng t lk lt lk chrstms
d hr wht hr
hrk th hrld ngls sng
snt cls s cmng t twn
j t th wrld
smd t chrstms
th twlv ds f chrstms
nthr chrstms sng
grndm gt rn vr b rndr
w wsh mrr chrstms
hr cms snt cls
hv rslf mrr lttl chrstms
lttl drmmr b
wht chrstms
p n th hstp
kdnp th snd clws
slgh rd
w nd lttl chrstms
wntr wndrlnd
slvr blls
crl f th blls

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