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Can you name the often forgotten, obscure cartoon heroes??

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'For when Eric eats a banana... an amazing transformation takes place...'
He goes after Flatface Frog with the help of his amazing 'Catgun'
He wore a helmet (why?) and shouted 'Up and At-'em ....'
Cigar smoking and rude, he'd make Donald cry.
He's the 'Super-teen extrordinare' who 'runs arround in underwear.'
Giant, purple, and bigger than Magilla
What's the point in even trying when you have a totally invincible genie to just swat everything away and not even break a sweat?
He's a vegitarian vampire with a time travelling castle.
'He's the greatest secret agent in the world!'
He poked fun at pop culture and movies, along with his nemisis, Sharkey the Shark Dog

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