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Can you name the words that fit either of the given clues, where one of the words has an 'R' added to the beginning?

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Clue without RWordClue with R
One of two or more individuals bearing a similar relation; all considered one by oneTo touch by extending; to arrive at
To give off, esp. as light or radiationTo send money; to relax; to abate for a period
In a direction away from; beyond the limits of supply; so as to retire a batter or baserunnerA disastrous defeat; to gouge out or make a furrow in, esp. wood or metal
Across a barrier; during; more than; along the length ofWanderer; once-common dog's name
Composer StravinskySeverity; strictness; stiffness, esp. of muscles shortly after death
Sultanate on southeast coast of Arabian peninsulaOf or relating to the capital of Italy
Aquatic, fish-eating mammal with dark-brown furA highly objectionable person
A place or means of going outTo shift toward a lower state, esp. mental or physical level
Insect that frequents picnicsTo speak wildly and bombastically
Mountain range separating Europe from Asia; river extending from base of mountain range to Caspian SeaRelating to the country, farm life
To develop, esp. by natural processesTo rotate; to cause to go round in an orbit
To come in; being; insert; put on recordA lessee or tenant
Clue without RWordClue with R
To delineate clearly, esp. by corrosive action on metal or glassTo vomit
Function word used to express assent or agreementGrasses cultivated for flour; whiskeys distilled from these grasses
Elongated fish with smooth, slimy skinSmall windless for fishing line; lively Scottish dance
Expression of approval, esp. after a prayerInexpensive type of Japanese noodle
Wrath, rage, furyOfficer who patrols a forest
Organ consisting of two or more mammary glands in a common sac, each with its own nippleFlat piece attached to ship's stern for steering
Lyric poem, esp. in praise of something or someoneTo have traveled on the back of an animal
Chief god in Germanic mythologyLate 19th-early 20th century French sculptor
To assistA hostile incursion, esp. by a small force
To call forth or up; to recreate imaginativelyTo annul by taking back
Suitable; preparedEngrossed; transported with emotion
Joint connecting foot and legTo cause irritation or deep bitterness

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