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Some words make new words when an O is added at the start. For each set of clues, can you name either the word with O or without?

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Definition without OWordDefinition with O
Plant whose stem requires supportOf or associated with sheep
Loud, cacophonous noiseChief god in Germanic mythology
Musical abbreviation for fortissimoFrom a place or course; so as to be divided; to a state of inaction; distant in time or space
Holding-place for livestock; writing instrument using inkPermitting entry or exit; not shut; lacking cover; accessible
To change back and forth in quantity or natureFemale reproductive organ
Yellowish discharge from site of infectionWork or piece, esp. of music
Abdominal organ that secretes bile, stores glycogen, breaks down toxinsTwist, Hardy, Cromwell
To damage in appearanceKhayyam, Sharif, Gen. Bradley
Allocated portionSpeech or address, esp. long, florid
Small amount; one-eighth of a dollar; steel part of a bridleShort for a death notice, usually with a biographical account
Actress and singer, commonly paired with SonnyEarthy color, usu. yellowish (var.)
Open frontier; scope of movement or varianceColor between red and yellow; citrus fruit
Definition without OWordDefinition with O
Involuntary jerk or spasmOf or relating to the ear
Occurring now; animateFruit associated with oil and martinis; darkish yellow-green
Emptiness, absence of content; to empty one's self of or cancelShaped like an egg
Provincial governor in Ottoman Empire; former courtesy title in Egypt, TurkeyTo follow the commands or guidance of; to comply with
Astrological sign of the lionShort term for margarine
People, esp. group of malesAugury, sign of
Chum, buddyIridescent mineral
First-person pluralTo be indebted
One one-millionth of a meterFifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet
Terminal section of a wing; gear with small number of teethView or judgment, ranging between impression and knowledge
Wise person; spice used esp. in stuffingSiouan people of the Great Plains
Area, region; to divide land by law for specified functionsTriatomic form of oxygen

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