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Some words make new words when an M is added at the start. For each set of clues, can you name either the word with M or without?

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Definition without MWordDefinition with M
In tennis, unreturned serve; in wartime, a successful aviatorSpiked club; spice derived from covering of a nutmeg; noxious spray used as deterrent
English racetrack; broad neck scarf looped under chinPerson, animal, or object supposed to bring good luck
To line up with, straightenShowing intense ill will; to speak evil of
Type, kind, sortFluid secreted by mammary glands; to suckle
Of or associated with the mouth or speechLesson to be drawn from story; conforming to a standard of right behavior
Bodily part performing particular function; wind instrument consisting of sets of pipes and played on keyboardJ.P., Freeman, Fairchild
Marked by keen or impatient desire or interestScant; lacking fullness or richness
Ire, wrathTrough or box holding feed for livestock
Colored liquid used to write or otherwise inscribe a text or imageSemiaquatic animal related to the weasel, known for its soft, thick fur
Fragrant essential oil; von BismarckSentence, phrase, or word expressing guiding principle or indicating nature or character
Mountain range dividing Europe and Asia; river in Russia rising at south end of this rangePainting applied to and integrated with a wall
Short term for sporting officials who rule on playsViral disease marked by swelling of cheeks or throat
Definition without MWordDefinition with M
Minerals containing metal or other valuable substanceMorally binding customs of a particular group
Island of Napoleon's exileBritish soprano; dessert with peaches; type of toast
Terrestrial viper; one who does sumsModerate to strong red; more angry
Liquid excreted by kidneysOf or relating to mice
Pointed missile shot from bow; mark indicating directionTissue in center of bone producing blood cells; (Brit.) smooth-skinned summer squash
Lyric poemPrevailing fashion; particular form or manner of expression; most frequent value in a probability distribution
Permit, let happenFamily of flowering plants, incl. okra, cotton, and cacao; marsh variety once used in dessert still bearing its name
Familiar name of President EisenhowerShort for Michael, microphone
Archaic for beforePure; apart from anything else; only (usu. diminutive)
Glowing fragment from a fireOne of the individuals composing a group; limb
Curved structural support; vaulted portion of foot; cleverly slyTo move steadily with a rhythmic stride; associated music with strongly accentuated beat
Residue after combustionTo reduce to pulp; crushed grain meal used as livestock feed; to crush

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