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Some words make new words when a G is added at the start. For each set of clues, can you name either the word with G or without?

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Definition without GWordDefinition with G
To awaken; to incite actionComplain, grumble; game bird
Alaskan cityDwarf of folklore, often found in gardens
More like fine, intricate clothLarge body of ice moving slowly along slope or spreading on land
Auditory organToothed wheel; personal equipment
Rock containing impure metalTo pierce or wound; blood; U.S. VP
Young boyHappy, pleased
Passageway behind buildings; actress KirstieShip's kitchen; medieval ship propelled by sails and oars
Strewn trash; group of newborn animalsTo sparkle
To stroll aimlesslyTo wager or bet; an uncertain venture
To tear down, esp. a buildingTo feed on grass; to touch lightly in passing
Parent's sisterThin to an unhealthy degree
Paradoxical questionFlat surface on which food is cooked by dry heat
Definition without GWordDefinition with G
Large landholding; possessions at time of deathTo carry in the uterus during pregnancy
Deep affectionClothing that covers a hand
To move below; underneathTo look with annoyance or anger
Real estate; to arrive, as in an airplanePart of body that secretes hormones or enzymes
To possess or hold title to; belonging to oneself or itselfWoman's dress; academic robes
Extravagantly praise; talk irrationally, as in deliriumSolemn in demeanor; place of burial
To travel widelyGroup of trees, esp. of a particular type
Absolute, total; to speakTrough under eaves; narrow channel or groove
Male sheep; to strike with violenceApprox. mass of one ml of liquid water
Skilled; with the capacity to actTriangular end of building from eaves to ridge; actor Clark
PermitsFrame from which criminals are hanged
Dickens's BarnabyA feeling of deep-seated resentment; to be unwilling to give or admit

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