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Can you name the words that fit either of the given clues, where one of the words has a 'D' added to the beginning?

Quiz Updated Nov 20, 2016

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Clue without DWordClue with D
Belonging to usGloomy, sullen or grim
Liquor distilled from sugar cane or molassesPercussion instrument with taut membrane stretched over hoop
Natural flowing watercourseOne in charge of a vehicle; type of golf club
Greasy or slickSmall decorative mat, often made of lace
To annoy or irritateA short dagger; actor Bogarde
Griffith, Kaufman, or RaggedySwell, peachy, or nifty
Parent's sisterTo lessen the courage of, intimidate
To view and understand written languageAnticipate with great apprehension or fear
Medium to dark yellowish brownLess intelligent than
To drive or force by impact; male sheepA small drink of whiskey or other spirits
To evade a searchTo mislead one's mind or judgment; deceive
Place for skatingTo consume a liquid
Clue without DWordClue with D
A stake put up by a player in poker and similar games before receiving cardsItalian poet Alighieri, author of 'Divine Comedy'
Colloquial term for an official who enforces rules of a sportTo get rid of unceremoniously; a place where refuse is stored
Healthy; deep hole from which liquids may be drawnTo live at, reside; to linger
Light or breezyWhere milk is processed
Betsy or DianaWaste or foreign matter
Portray emotion in a theatrical mannerTo reduce the rank or position of an employee
34th US President's nicknameA ditch or watercourse; levee
A Native American tribe now based in OklahomaThe appropriate amount of a medication
The residue of a burned objectIn cooking, a small quantity
An extension at right angles to a buildingA small valley, usually among trees
Garden implement, useful in collecting leavesMale duck
Solid waterSpotted cubes used in games

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