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Can you name these words and names that have only D and/or L as consonants?

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ClueWord or NameNumber of Letters
Fuss, bother3
Young fellow3
Discount supermarket chain4
Type of restaurant known esp. for sandwiches4
Clock face or deodorant soap4
Give out, as in charity4
Object of worship4
To have set an object down4
Chemical element Pb4
French farewell5
ClueWord or NameNumber of Letters
The sound part of a broadcast or film5
Electronic device permitting one-way flow of current5
Round-bottomed cup attached to a long handle, used for transferring liquids, esp. foods5
Magistrate of ancient Rome, responsible for upkeep of buildings6
Skillful, ingenious; intricate6
Similar to a gizmo or widget6
Relaxed; caused to lower one's guard6
Made reference to7
Tarried, wasted time7
Entered number on old-fashioned telephone7

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